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TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012
Get ready for an amazing adventure!

 Taboo Tyke™ is fun and exciting game for the iPhone which features a super cute baby named Tyler as the main character. Just like many newly walking babies, Tyler will go anywhere and get into anything but he easily find himself in dangerous situations but that doesn’t stop him from exploring the world! One day while with his parents, Tyler climbs out of his stroller and sets off to explore an active construction zone and all of its fun toys. Without any concept of harm, Tyler forges forward and finds himself crawling under forklifts and getting craned up and down on support beams all while tools and bricks are falling. To play, users cannot control our exploring toddler but help him stay of our harms way by placing Action Items in strategic places. Dragging a teddy bear beyond a low beam will make him crawl to safety. Dragging a lollipop ahead or behind him can make him change direction and pause 2 seconds when he reaches it giving Tyler time to reach that next platform. The shoes are used to make him Dash and Helmet to protect him from dangers. These Action Items plus more in the future will give the players a unique playing experience with plenty of excitement and fun.


Why is Taboo Tyke Unique?

  • Very cute main character – Tyler. Everyone is going to love Tyler and cringe when Tyler hits his head or falls on his face from a high place.
  • Concept is very easy to relate to. Almost everyone has encountered a newly walking toddler that is fearless and will go anywhere. You’ll be surprised how fast they get themselves into trouble and find danger.
  • Cannot control the main character. Unlike most character based games, you cannot control our Taboo Tyke in the traditional manner. Action Items are used to make him crawl, stop, run or protect him. This concept allows us a lot of potential to expand with in-app purchases.


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