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Advanzweb, a leading web and mobile development company, today announced the availability of its mobile game Taboo Tyke on the Google Play store. First released on the iOS platform, Taboo Tyke can now be played by millions of Android device owners... Read More>>


Advanzweb goes beyond website development as it announce the release of its first mobile game, Taboo Tyke, for the iPhone this November. Featuring an adorable walking baby as its protagonist, Taboo Tyke provides entertaining and challenging content with its unique game-play for casual mobile players.


  Taboo Tyke features a newly walking baby named Tyler who explores the world around him without the concept of danger. Players must ensure to guide Tyler using Action Items to prevent the toddler from getting hurt around different world levels. Taboo Tyke may look innocent and cute but its unique Player versus Environment (PvE) game-play requires good strategy and timing to protect Tyler from harm, providing quite a challenge. The adorable graphics and sound effects also enhance the game experience, giving the Taboo Tyke a compelling twist.



  Players will not be able to control Tyler, who walks continuously throughout the game. To ensure the toddler's continued survival, players must use Action Items to manipulate his behavior. A teddy bear will make Tyler crawl down, a lollipop can make him pause, and shoes can make him dash. Other Special Action Items will be available as the game progresses.


  Taboo Tyke will be released for the iPhone and iPod touch for free this November. Future releases will include compatibility with Android smartphones and tablets.


Launching in early November, Taboo Tyke is first entry in the iPhone game space by website development company, Advanzweb. 


Taboo Tyke, releasing soon on for the iPhone, features a newly walking toddler that is curious about the world and wants to explore it.  Just like many toddlers, baby Tyler walks and walks  without realizing he is in danger.  Our Taboo Tyke makes his way in to an active construction zone where hazards are all around and it is up to the player to keep him safe.


Game play on Taboo Tyke is unique in that you cannot control our constantly walking toddler but only influence him by dragging Action Items on the screen.  Drag the Teddy Bear and Tyler will crawl to it.  Place a Lollipop in strategic locations to make him pause.  Tapping the Shoes makes him dash and Helmet protects his head from falling objects.  The currently integrated Action Items make game play in Taboo Tyke interesting and challenging.  Timing, accuracy and strategy are necessary to complete the initial 10 levels built into the first soon-to-be-released version of


For more information about Taboo Tyke, please visit


Advanzweb ( is a leading website design and development company, with more than eight years of experience. Client-oriented and budget-minded, Advanzweb can provide online and offline services for marketing solutions that are tailor-made and targeted to meet all customer needs.


TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012

 Taboo Tyke™ is fun and exciting game for the iPhone which features a super cute baby named Tyler as the main character. Just like many newly walking babies, Tyler will go anywhere and get into anything but he easily find himself in dangerous situations but that doesn’t stop him from exploring the world! One day while with his parents, Tyler climbs out of his stroller and sets off to explore an active construction zone and all of its fun... Read More>>

TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012

This coming fall, Advanzweb ( will be more than just a website design and development company as with the launching of its debut mobile game developed for the iOS platform, Taboo Tyke. Taboo Tyke is a strategic adventure game in which players must guide a wandering baby and prevent him from falling or getting snatched up. The game will be available through the iTunes App Store... Read More>>

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