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SUNDAY, MARCH 02, 2014

From the beginning, the Taboo Tyke game concept was one that seemed to be cool and unique.  It is a platformer game that isn't like typical platformers.  Instead of having full control over the main character, our little Taboo Tyke just walks and explores without fear of danger or getting hurt.  There is no control over Tyle... Read More>>


Well Taboo Tyke is going on 3 months old now in the iTunes store and it has had a dismal amount of downloads.  How do I get my iPhone Game noticed?  ... Read More>>


As the head of a new game development company, I've researched alot about game launches and all the different suggestions.  A big number of sites talk about marketing before the game launches and creating some necessary marketing tools like videos, press releases and screen shots.  I know I lacked the pre-launch marketing a bit but I think I have everything else but just need to get noticed!  "Hey Touch Arcade or App Shopper,... Read More>>


On December 5th Taboo Tyke was finally released on to the App Store.  YAY!  We are so glad that a 22 month journey releasing it is done but we are just getting started!


Now that we've had a few days out, I am working fast to try to get it as much exposure as possible but its not easy.  In 4 days, Taboo Tyke has gotten about 50... Read More>>


After 21 months of development, we are almost ready to submit Taboo Tyke to iTunes for approval.  I can't even explain how excited I am to get this game released.  Along the way I've consider stopping the project because it was taking so long but I am happy that the latest testing version that we released just requires a few tweaks.  The game it launching soon!


To quickly recap our journey, over 2 years ago I keep dreaming of developing a project that can have mass appeal and reach but didn't know anything about mobile application development.  I had php web programmers that were amazing and hungry to learn new cutting edge technologies.  For us, what could be more cutting edge then develoing a... Read More>>

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