See behind the scenes pictures!

When it started

Programmers and Guy Brainstorming

After learning about some successes of other apps from beginner app developers, I decided to try to come up with an idea that can be fun and unique in the hopes that we can also reach some level of success.

So, I began brainstorming to myself and checking out games to see if any ideas had potential. Of course, any game needed to be fun and exciting but also unique. I thought of a cute baby that just walks into the most dangerous situations and have the user help the baby. Initially, I did not conceive of the game to have any action elements just moving platforms but it was too limiting. Then after discussions and thinking about how a baby really behaves, I realized that you can’t control a baby, only influence it in certain ways and many times that’s with some interesting like a teddy bear.

So Action Elements were introduced to get the baby to pause or crawl. We also added the shoes and helmet just to make it even more interesting. At some point early on the process during some brain storming sessions, my daughter came up with Taboo Tyke and the game began to take shape.

Design Phase

Raymond Marquez Designer

The look and feel of the baby came natural to Raymond after I explained the idea that I had for the game. Raymond, with a passion for drawing and illustrating, instantly captured the cuteness I was looking for in a baby character. Who would ever want to see this cute little baby from being hurt? The game quickly developed in to something very real and no longer just an idea. Soon after, elements and worlds/zones were created into elaborate levels that looked to come from large 2D gaming companies. We had what looked like a real viable game on our hands!

Programming Phase

Game Salad First Programming tool used

On the back end, we struggled with different programming platforms that can give us the flexibility but also the power to achieve professional results. Our inexperience in game development lead us to make many, many mistakes which wasted a lot of time.

Easily, programming limiting or error causing code wasted over a year in development time but Jesse, our lead developer on the project, methodically and diligently traced the errors and researched the proper code to get us to a fully functioning game and that is exciting and fun. Later on, Francis played a key role in conceptualizing and developing each level.

The Dynamic Duo

Jesse Juarez and Francis Ruiz Programmers

Corona platform Final Programming tool used

Taboo Tyke, although soon to released, will continue to develop and grow into a truly world class fun game. Tyler will continue to get into more trouble in the worst spots and we’ll put some new twist and turns to take the game to levels of entertainment.

Taboo Tyke, even if it seemed sometimes like it wasn’t worth completing, has been an incredible journey. Although it will only soon to be released, I have great pride in what we have been able to achieve in the character/brand development and gaming function. This project may have started out as a potential money making venture but has now developed into our baby, literally and figuratively. I am so happy to put my name on this project and equally glad that I have this incredible team make this once distant dream into a reality. We are excited to soon introduce Taboo Tyke to world.