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About the Team

Guy Pineda President

I've always strived to bring my creativity together with my entreprenuerial pursuits. My passion is to create regardless if it is in the form of a website, photography, video, physical product and now as a iPhone game. I continue to work to improve my knowledge, professionalism and effectiveness with my business and those we deal with.

5 years experience as a lead Designer

Raymond Marquez Designer

At some point of our working days our boss had an idea and told me try to come up with a cute and adventurous toddler. And boom! I sketch a toddler which is this guy from left sitting then we named him " Tyler ".

Tyler immediately became the star of the game Taboo Tyke. our very first iphone game. That’s cool!

2 yrs - Programmer and 1 yr - mobile game developer

Jesse Juarez Programmer

I am the lead programmer for the architecture and function of taboo tyke. I like watching video tutorials, movies, anime and reading books or any online materials that is unique. I Like to play games and sometimes hack it!

I have been a web programmer for 2 years and 11 months for mobile games.

Francis Ruiz Programmer

Been a system programmer and then started game programming. I love watching movies, playing video games, playing guitar, singing even though I’m out of tune, making fun of everything and eating a lot!

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